Training for Guinness World Records

May 21st, 2019 | Blog

I’m putting a lot of my effort toward training for Guinness World Records these days. I have plans to break 3 records this summer!

The first record I’m hoping to break is the axe juggling record. I held this record for several years. Then Josh Horton came along and broke it, followed by another juggler I forget the name of breaking it again! Josh Horton made a great video of him breaking the record:

My record was 580 throws and catches of the axes. This may not sound like a lot, but one of the rules is the axes must weigh at least albs each!!! This is a heavy axe!

The current record to beat is 839 throws and catches. According to the Guinness Website it’s not official. It claims my record is still the official. I’m guessing it’s a glitch as Josh did break it.

So I’m now training to break it again. I must admit, these days I have very sore arms on a regular basis! It;s a fun goal!

I still have the Guinness Record for the most throws and catches with mauls, which are axes over 6lbs. This picture is of me when I broke that record at the Timber Lounge in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Ian Juggling axes

I’m also working on new records

I am training for Guinness World Records in other areas of juggling. One I’m very excited about requires me to juggle, no breaks or drops, for over an hour. This will be a challenge as if I happen to fumble one throw the record attempt will end and I must start again.

I also have my eyes two records that have no juggling at all! One involves a crossbow, and one beer! No, it’s not consumption of beer…

Here is a link to my brief story about the last record i broke:

I’m so excited to get a few more records, I love a goal!