Three Finger Juggling Props

November 5th, 2019 | Blog

I just received a new order from Three Finger Juggling. They are one of my absolute favourite juggling shops!

Not surprisingly they sell mostly “danger” props. This time I got 3 sickles, 3 axes, a rat trap and on the safe side a cowbell.

The cowbell is perhaps the most annoying thing I own, which is saying something.

Some Three Finger Juggling props
Check out these awesome props!

Check out these awesome props!

I have a bunch of my other Three Finger Juggling props on one of my promo shots on my website as well.

The customer service from this shop can’t be beat! Seriously they are the best! Neil, is simply the best to deal with.

On one order I had a small issue. It wasn’t big, but Neil was more than willing to help in every way he possibly could! He arranged a replacement and had it shipped fast!

They package everything very well. I could see my package had been subject to some serious drop kick practice at the post office, and everything inside was still in great shape!

I have to say, the Reaper is my favourite thing from them so far. It’s a sickle with a nice shiny blade. There used to be juggling sickles from renegade juggling, but I like these better. They even fold down by removing a few bolts to make them easy to transport!

They are a bit tricky to juggle as well, which is a nice surprise. If you are an accomplished juggler and want a challenge I recommend these!

They also bring out new props on a regular basis, which is not something I see most juggling shops doing!

One more thing, their t-shirts are awesome! I actually lol’ed when I saw them!

I recommend you check out their site at