Rubik’s Cube Juggling

February 20th, 2018 | Blog

Finally, after over 2 years of constant work, Ian Stewart has Rubik’s Cube Juggling in the show!

Here are Ian’s thoughts:

I have always loved Rubik’s Cubes!  I can solve a 2X2, a 3X3, 5X5 and am working with the 7X7.  I still can’t solve the 7X7 without reviewing my notes, but it’s coming!

I was initially inspired to learn Rubik’s cube tricks from watching videos of the world champions, doing it at incredible speed, often even doing it from memory without even looking!  Here is a link to some info on these incredible folks:

For several years I have done various tricks in the show with Rubik’s Cubes, but the goal was always to juggle 3 cubes while solving them.

After playing with a few magic “gimmicks” that fool the crowd into thinking there is skill, over time I’ve moved to no gimmicks, just showing off skill.

In the most recent version of the trick before the current one is where I have a cube mixed by a volunteer, and then solve it with one hand behind my back.  It’s a great stunt,  but what I’ve developed is better IMO.

The new trick is here!

The new trick is here, and it’s more than solving a cube.

This picture is from the Bus Stop Theatre in Halifax Nova Scotia.  It was taken as I finished the latest version of the cube trick.

I now have 3 cubes mixed by a volunteer, I mix the cubes and make them match each other in mixed conditions, juggle them, and solve them.

This trick offers a nice change of pace to the show.  Most people have played with a Rubik’s cube and know how hard they are to solve.  It also shows that the crazy chainsaw juggler has some brains lol.

Diversity is key when performing to keep things fresh, and this routine delivers something audiences haven’t seen before that makes their minds go crazy at the impossibility!

One last thing, I’ve said this is the newest version of the Rubik’s Cube trick in my show, but it’s probably not the final version!