Piff The Magic Dragon

February 3rd, 2019 | Blog

I was back in Las Vegas last week and as part of my visit ended up going to see Piff the Magic Dragon again. Of course I also saw Mr. Piffles and Jade the showgirl.

Piff The Magic Dragon with Chainsaw Juggler Ian Stewart

The last time I saw the Piff show was in March, while I was in Vegas shooting Penn & Teller Fool Us. You can read about that here: https://chainsawjuggling.com/ian-stewart-on-fool-us/

Even though I saw the show relatively recently, I’m glad I went again!

The show of course had excellent magic! The level of comedy was equally as high! But what I personally found to be the most interesting part was that the entire show was completely different from when I saw it in March!

The only small thing that was repeated, was a part of a card trick! And it was worth seeing twice!

The show had everything! Comedy, audience participation, a small dog in a costume and great videos. It’s worth going early so you don’t miss any of the hilarious videos that are played while you’re being seated.

I put this show at the same level as Mac King, who is also a favourite of mine (and everyone that has seen him that also has good taste).

A lot of magic shows have come and gone from Vegas over the years, but I hope this one is here to stay! He just had the theatre renamed after him as the Piff Theatre https://www.reviewjournal.com/entertainment/entertainment-columns/kats/las-vegas-strip-theater-renamed-for-agt-loser-piff-the-magic-dragon-1575340/

I’ve been a fan of Piff for a long time. He’s also won the audiences over on Americas Got Talent and many other shows. He has “Loser Of Anericas Got Talent” on his posters.

Just a couple of weeks ago he competed on “AGT: The Champions” where they brought back people from other season of AGT and had them compete again. I understand many good things were said about him by Simon.

To learn more about Piff visit him on the web at https://piffthemagicdragon.com