Mud Bay Jugglers

December 4th, 2017 | Blog

This week I had the chance to visit the beautiful DeCost Centre in Pictou to enjoy a performance by the Mud Bay Jugglers.

The DeCost Centre is a great performance venue in Pictou, Nova Scotia.  I have enjoyed many shows there over the years,  the last show I saw at the DeCost before the Mud Bay Jugglers was magician Ted Outerbridge with his Clockwork Mysteries tour.  A great magic show and a great performer.  I had the chance to Ted in Calgary a few years ago when we were on the same bill,  and it was great to see him again.  His website is

The DeCost Centre’s website is and they almost always have something on the schedule of interest to everyone.

The Mud Bay Jugglers Don’t juggle chainsaws

The Mud Bay Jugglers don’t juggle chainsaws,  there was no danger, although they said they often end the show with fire juggling.  This said,  I really enjoyed seeing the show!  Anyone that knows me knows that I tend to use a lot of danger theme in my shows.  But the Mud Bay jugglers do a full theatre show with juggling clubs, balls, rings, and a few musical instruments.  They hardly speak through the entire show, relying more on visual appeal than verbal.  There is a lot of juggling, a lot of club passing, and many pretty patterns shown!

I had the chance to chat after the show and all members of the Mud Bay jugglers were so friendly and full of questions.  Harry (left person in the pic), was especially friendly and happy to discuss the world of juggling.

If you ever get the chance to see the Mud Bay Jugglers I’d recommend it.  It’s a very (and I mean VERY) different style from what I do,  but there was something in the show for everyone and I had a great time!

Their website is