Mad Chad Taylor!!!

September 18th, 2019 | Blog

I finally had the chance to meet Mad Chad Taylor! Back around 2002 I was just beginning my career in juggling and I had the chance to see Mad Chad Taylor performing at the Halifax Buskerfest.

He was already an established professional, and while performing in Halifax he was also shooting video of other street performers for a documentary. Check that out here:

He closed the show by juggling a chainsaw and 2 balls while standing on a Rowla Bowla. A Rola Bowla is a balance device kinda like a teeter-totter. Here’s a YouTube clip of me doing a similar trick:

We met at the time and he was a super cool guy, not to mention a great show!

I found out later that he had broken the Guinness World record in Juggling 3 Chainsaws. The record had before been held, if memory is correct, by a juggler named Tom Comet.

I had already been playing with 3 chainsaws and breaking the record was my goal. I was super excited to have met the guy who had broken the 3 chainsaw record.

Over time A juggler named Aaron Gregg broke the record which is the record I broke before my first record in juggling 3 saws.

Back on to Mad Chad: I had no idea he was returning to do the Buskerfest until a friend told me he was on his plane. So I got to meet Chad as soon as he landed in Halifax. His show is still fantastic, and he’s even cooler in person than I remembered.

I finally had a chance to get a pic of us as well

Ian Stewart and Mad Chad Taylor

Chad’s show is fun for everyone! Also, at the end of the show he juggled 3 saws. An interesting thing occurred to me. I’ve been juggling 3 saws for years, and have held the Guinness record for 8 of those years (My records have been talked about enough, but why not one more time: But I’d never seen anyone juggle 3 saws before! I’d seen it on video, but never in person. It was awesome to see how cool it looks from an audiences perspective.

If you ever get the chance to see Mad Chad I highly recommend it. He does some really difficult juggling (he juggled 5 baseball bats!), but more importantly he’s hilarious. Check out his website: