Justin Flom

April 8th, 2019 | Blog

On March 15th Justin Flom did a fantastic show in Saint John at the Imperial Theatre.

When I booked a ticket I had no idea what to expect. I had heard the name before, but never seen any of his work. I asked several other people and sadly none of them had heard of him either.

Although he was an unknown to me I still bought a ticket and showed up. I was glad I did!

I saw a performer that was very good at communicating with a crowd! He was likeable, had fun tricks, and in my brief after the show meet and greet I discovered he was a really nice guy!

Justin Flom in Saint John

This picture is of various members of the Saint John Magic Circle and Justin Flom, and me. I’m not a member of this magic club, but I’ve become friends with most of the members and they are very supportive!

What do I remember?

One part of Justin Flom’s show that I particularly enjoyed was his use of a video screen. I’ve seen shows use a video screen before, usually for a closeup bit of magic that couldn’t be seen at a far distance.

Justin’s show had a lot of close up magic. A lot of card tricks. So the show used the screen a lot so everyone in the theatre could see the magic!

The screen made the magic appear as if he was doing it right infant of me!

His closing routine was a neat card trick with various songs being played over the speakers as he deals corresponding cards from the deck. A lot of time went into developing this one!

Also, the Imperial theatre is amazing! It was built in early 1900’s, and after being used as a theatre it was converted to a church. When the church left they put it back to a theatre, and it’s restored beautify! Check out the theatre here: https://imperialtheatre.ca

Justin Flom website: https://www.justinflom.com

I know Justin Flom performs at many churches. It reminded me of the time I performed at the James River Church in Missouri. You can read about that here: https://chainsawjuggling.com/james-river-church/