Interview with Ana Almeida On CTV

October 1st, 2019 | Blog

I recently had the chance have an interview with Ana Almeida On CTV.

She came to Truro to interview several people as part of the coverage of Hub Fest, a 9 day festival that happens in Truro, Nova Scotia every August.

I was there to Juggle Chainsaws, of course. I had never met Ana before and she seemed a bit intimidated by the saws. You can watch the clip here:

This was part of my warmup to attempt to get back the chainsaw juggling record for juggling 3 chainsaws the longest. The record was held by me from 2011 to 2019, and I’ll have it back by the end of September. This is legit, I broke it within 3 months of finding out it was broken. Good times.

I was very happy they sent Ana Almeida to interview me. I’ve worked with many of the reporters before, and the reaction is always better if the reporter doesn’t know what to expect.

Ana admitted after the bit that she was nervous for the segment, which is not something that happens often.

If you watch the clip you see a plad shirt. This shirt is no more. It got burned by a pyro effect in the show a few days later. #funfact

If you follow my work you would know I have several Guinness World Records already. Here is a link to my most recent one:

It’s always great to be on CTV. They have been generous enough to have me on many times.

More Guinness Records on the way!

I’m heavily training for a few more Guinness Records. Next up isn’t even juggling. It involves a chainsaw and a lot of beer. Training is going well, and is a lot of fun! This one should be broken in a few months.