Halifax Metro News Chainsaw Juggling Article

November 26th, 2017 | Blog

I was delighted to see an article about my favourite Guinness World Record in the Halifax Metro Newspaper.

They did a story on my record for juggling 3 chainsaws for more throws and catches than anyone else has ever done.

Here’s a pic of the article:  

A great article,  but I had to laugh when I read it.  It says “Nova Scotia Native Ian Stewart set the world record this past September”.  Sadly,  it is currently 2017 and I broke that record back in 2011.  Regardless it was nice to be mentioned!

I sent an email to the writer of the article and mentioned that i had recently broken a few more records,  but received no response from the writer, Sean Plummer of Halifax Metro News.  But again,  a huge thank you to Sean for taking the time to write the article!

I’m busy this time of year performing the show for corporate groups.  A lot of fun to see everyone getting involved!