East Coast Magic Show

August 1st, 2018 | Blog

The East Coast Magic Show!

The East Coast Magic Show was a great little project I worked on with some friends.

They called it the “East Coast Illusionists”, but I didn’t really like that title.  I think “East Coast Magic Show” sounds better.

It was myself, and Cape Breton entertainers Paul Nauss, Carmen Giorno, Stephanie MacPhee, and Kirk MacNeil.

Carmen did parlour magic:  He made cards rise out of a deck, coins vanished and appeared, and finally a rose appeared.

Paul Nauss did some stage illusions where his assistant floated, disappeared and was impaled with stuff.

Kirk MacNeil did mind reading.

Stephanie MacPhee did fire eating and manipulation.

And myself, well, I did a few stunts and juggled chainsaws.  I also balanced a lawnmower on my chin https://chainsawjuggling.com/balancing-lawn-mower-chin

The show took place at the Membertou Trade And Convention Centre and had a full house.

This was actually the second version of the show.

This was actually the second version of the show. The first show was last October and was myself and kirk MacNeil.  We decided to invite Carmen to do a small piece in the show to round it out a bit.

We had so much fun we decided to do it again.  This time we added the other 2 acts to appeal to an even broader range of audiences.

People seemed to really enjoy the show.  There were a few technical problems with some of the other acts, but overall things went smoothly.  I think this show offered some great learning experiences for the other acts that don’t get as much stage time as I do.

Sadly, time will probably not allow for this to become a regular show I take part in.  I’m simply too busy with my other commitments to devote time to this show.  But it was a lot of fun, and great to work with this great bunch.

Here’s a video with some highlights of the evening: