deCoste Centre of performing Arts

January 19th, 2019 | Blog

I’m excited to be performing my delightfully dangerous show at the deCoste Centre of the Performing Arts in Pictou, Nova Scotia on April 4th, 2019!

Ian Stewart Chainsaw Juggler at the deCost centre in Pictou Nova Scotia poster

I’ve visited the deCoste many times over the years. It’s a great venue in a small, but beautiful Nova Scotian community. But this will be the first time headlining my own show at this location!

I’m bringing the full theatre show to the deCoste! The crossbows, the lawnmower and of course the chainsaws. There will be two new bits in the show as well, involving throwing eggs and bowling balls!

The deCoste features mostly musical acts, so being able to visit with my show of variety entertainment is very special. The show is for all ages and I look forward to having children to seniors in attendance.

In the past I was able to attend the deCoste for a show by the amazing Ted and Marion Outerbridge. Their magic show is amazing and great for all ages! Website:

I also saw the Mud Bay jugglers there just last year. A juggling group from the states with a very unique show. I wrote of that experience here:

The deCoste is located in Picuou, Nova Scotia. Back in the 1700’s a ship called the Hector landed in Nova Scotia with immigrants from oversees. Some of my ancestors were on that boat! There is now a museum just up the road from the deCoste with a replica of the Hector in the water outside. I’ve never been, but I hear it’s neat!

The deCoste Centre itself is a beautiful theatre in a beautiful location. If you walk out the back door you’re right on the water. If you went another 50 feet, you’d be in the water.

deCoste Centre website: