Chainsaw Juggling World Record for distance

October 3rd, 2018 | Blog

I’ve had the Guinness World Record for most throws and catches with 3 chainsaws for several years, but I also recently broke the Chainsaw Juggling World Record for distance.

What is this?  I had no idea either.

When I broke the Guinness World record for Most throws and catches while juggling 3 chainsaws, that was the only Guinness Record involving chainsaw juggling.  But they started adding more.  Not sure why.

Next came most throws and catches while juggling a chainsaw and 2 balls,  I broke that record at the Atlantic Outdoor Sports and RV Show.

Then more records came…

Then more came including most throws and catches of a chainsaw while juggling on a unicycle, on roller skates, on an electric unicycle, greatest height while juggling 3 chainsaws, greatest height while juggling a chainsaw and 2 balls, most pirouette while juggling a chainsaw, most throws while on a rola bowla and more.

I personally believe that the only one that really matters is the 3 chainsaws throws and catches.  But they also added a new record for longest duration in time for 3 chainsaws.

I thought I should collect a few other records to supplement the first one.  So I recently went for greatest distance while juggling 3 chainsaws.  The rules stipulated I had to walk, no running.

It had to be done on a certified running track.  2 time keepers must keep time, and the distance must be measured by 2 people with knowledge of proper measuring techniques.

It was a fun record to break, and I’m happy to say i smashed the old record of 30 feet, by going 167 feet.

Chainsaw Juggling

Ian Stewart Juggling Chainsaws

I’ll go back and break the record for juggling one chainsaw and 2 balls for distance soon!  I went almost twice the distance of the one chainsaw and 2 balls record in my attempt with 3, so I should do very well with one!

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