Juggling chainsaws in the cold

January 8th, 2018 | Blog

Like most things in the cold, it sucks juggling chainsaws in the cold.

Typically my shows are indoors, or at least in nice weather.  But once I was asked to do a promo for a news station in very cold weather!

It was to promote the Sports And RV Show in Halifax.  http://www.sportsandrvshow.com

Here is a link to an article where i talk about the show:  https://chainsawjuggling.com/atlantic-outdoor-show/

I was there to break a Guinness World Record and a news company asked me to visit to promote the event.  I took my gas saws, instead of the electric I generally use indoors.  When I got there they asked me to do it outside, in minus 27 degrees!!!

Juggling Chainsaws in cold weather hurts!!!

I did the segment, and thankfully the saws started.  i wasn’t sure if they would in that cold.  I think the chainsaw weren’t even spinning as the saws were so cold.

I remember my fingers wouldn’t work.  i tried wearing gloves, but I can’t feel the saws well enough, and the grip isn’t there, no matter what kind of gloves I use.

I have the video.  As you can see watching it, the high of the day was minus 7,  and this was done very early in the day when it was much colder.

I remember my nose was running so i tried not to look right into the camera.  And as soon as the bit was over i ran inside where they had coffee for me.  Too bad i don’t drink coffee lol.

Here’s the video:

I doubt I’ll ever be asked to do it in this kind of cold again!  If it were a show it would have been cancelled,  and if I’m ever asked to do news in this kind of cold again I’ll bring the electric saws.

But a great story, and a great crew of people to work with!

thanks Global News!