More Chainsaw Juggling Accidents

January 1st, 2018 | Blog

I wrote a short article about Chainsaw Juggling Accidents, and here is part two with more chainsaw juggling accidents!

The previous article on chainsaw juggling accidents can be found at .

When it comes to juggling injuries I have several,  but most are not from chainsaws.  Oddly my worst juggling injury came from juggling 3 clubs.  One somehow hit me in the eye.  It really, really hurt for a few days.  It was also kinda black and puffy.  I probably should have gone to the doctor.

I’ve burned myself a few times with torches.  In the days I had long hair (yes this happened,  I had hair…) I burned the hair off several times while juggling.  It really stunk!

And now,  another chainsaw juggling accident story!

So I’ve never cut my skin on the blade of a saw,  but once I did hit the wrong end.  Luckily, somehow my finger hit the bar and not the chain.  I cou

ld have easily lost a finger!

So what have I cut,  honestly, once I cut my pants.  That’s right,  I cut through my pants but managed not to hit my leg.

I was performing in the auditions round of Canada’s Got Talent in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  And there, onstage infant of a sold out crowd, celebrity judges and tv cameras everywhere I dropped a chainsaw that was held between my legs and cut the inside of my pants.  A long tear.

Canada's got Talent logo

The producer of the show said my performance was the funniest performance on the show, but for some reason they never aired my segment.  I got 3 yes’s and no x’s.  The show lasted only one season because of low ratings, so I’m kinda glad I wasn’t shown as part of the sinking ship.  But it makes a great story!

Here is an article about Canada’s Got Talent,  I sadly never got to see it as it was on a channel I didn’t get.’s_Got_Talent  

And here is an article about Canada’s Got Talent where they actually mention my pants cutting: