Chainsaw Juggling Accident

December 26th, 2017 | Blog

A week doesn’t go by that I’m not asked if I’ve had a Chainsaw Juggling Accident.

The answer, so far, is that I’ve not had a serious one.

I’ve had close calls, I’ve had accidents,  but so far none that hurt me badly.

Most commonly my chainsaw juggling accidents have been limited to hands having been ripped from the weight of the chainsaws, even when I catch them correctly.  I’ve hurt my back from the extreme weight, Dropped one on my foot (not the blade but still hurt).  I’ve dropped them many times,  which of course is technically an accident.

There are many videos on Youtube that are titled “Chainsaw Juggling accident” that contain no such thing,  obviously attempting to get views by a sensational title.

I do know that one female chainsaw juggler named Elena Kirschbaum had a broken bone in her wrist caused by the chainsaw weight.  She was juggling them properly but they just weigh so much she was injured.  Here’s an article that talks a bit about this

I know of a couple of people who have had a chainsaw juggling accident when the chains break and cause injury.  In both cases I know of it’s been people that have grinded the teeth off and as a result the chain was weak.  For this reason, I never dull my chains.  Well,  also,  I like to be able to show people my saws and pass them for inspection.  i also feel the trick looks far better if you cut a few things with the saws first.

And now,  for my chainsaw juggling accident close call story!

This past April I was performing at the James River Church Stronger Mens Conference, and I dropped one of the saws.  I was wearing brand new shoes,  their first show.  BRAND NEW!  17,000 people in attendance!  I dropped a saw and cut the end right off my shoe.  It was just the tip,  so no injury,  but it was a close call!  I then went back and completed the trick successfully.

I don’t have a pic or video of the shoe cut,  but here is a pic of me onstage doing one saw just before it happened!

Ian stewart Chainsaw Juggler at Stronger Mens Conference

I’ve got a lot more to say about this topic,  look for part 2 coming soon!