Chainsaw Juggler on Apple IOS

December 19th, 2017 | Blog

A gif of me juggling 3 chainsaws is on the Apple IOS!

On Saturday night a friend of mine who lives in California sent a text that I found very cool.  He said he was sending a text to a friend and wanted a juggling gif for his text.  He entered “juggler” into the search field on his iPhone and the first result that came up was me!

Although no credit was given to me,  and no one asked if they could do this, I thought it was super cool!  Of course, I would have preferred if it would have said “Ian Stewart” somewhere on the image.  But I just like my work being out there,  especially on such a widely used platform as Apple iPhone!

It’s a loop of a video I posted on Youtube:

At first I couldn’t figure out how to put this gif into this blog,  but here’s a still frame from it

The video that makes this gif is interesting because I recorded it in my yard one very cold November day.  As you can see there are no leaves left in the tree as they have fallen off for the winter.  The purpose of making this video was to show a friend my new trick that I had been doing to end certain shows.  There was initially no intention of it being for public viewing.

I posted the video on YouTube,  but forgot to push the “private” setting.  I wasn’t aware anyone could see it until a TV show in Japan wrote and asked permission to use the footage.  Of course I was happy to allow it,  and it was the first of several TV shows that have since used this clip.

Here’s the gif,  as I saw it on the iPhone.

Chainsaw juggling


The comments after the video are priceless.  “I too dislike having hands”, “Dang. That chainsaw is flaming hot.” and “*Globetrotter Whistling*” are my favourites!