2 New Chainsaw Juggling World Records

November 19th, 2017 | Blog

Chainsaw Juggler in Vegas

Ian Stewart in Vegas

I spent the last week in beautiful Las Vegas.  I had time for a lot of fun, food, exercise and shows!  My go to is Absinthe which I watched for the 3rd time.  Always a great show,  but was sad that Melody Sweets had moved onto other things (you can still find here here:  http://www.melodysweets.com).  If you’re ever in Vegas and looking for a fun show,  this is a good show,  Sweets or not!  http://www.absinthevegas.com/

When I arrived home I checked the mail and found that Guinness World Records had sent me certificates for 2 more chainsaw juggling world records!  I have a few more records I’ve broken awaiting approval from Guinness,  but I’m getting closer to my goal of 12 records.  They don’t list the 2 records on the website,  but they are both records for chainsaw juggling.  One is for a record while juggling one chainsaw and 2 balls,  and the other is a record for juggling 3 chainsaws.

I have a few more chainsaw juggling records to break,  however in my mind the only true world record with chainsaw juggling is the record for the most throws and catches while juggling 3 chainsaws.  All others pale in comparison.  Guinness has recently put on their site that they are accepting a record for the longest duration for juggling 3 saws.  My record for most throws and catches took approximately 37 seconds.  The longest duration must take at least a minute to qualify.  But I do find this record appealing.

I recently acquired some new lighter saws from a friend overseas.  Using his lightweight handles I have plans to break the time record,  and smash my existing 3 chainsaw throws and catches record at the same time.

Even though I consider the most catches of a chainsaw and 2 balls to be the only record that matters,  I still enjoy breaking other records,  just for personal achievement.

Here is a link to my existing record with 3 chainsaws,  the one that I’m most proud of:  http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/most-chainsaw-juggling-catches