On September 25th, 2011 Ian Stewart broke the world record for the most throws and catches while juggling 3 chainsaws (the record is now 94 throws and catches). Although happy with his current record Ian plans on breaking this existing record, and for the first time in history achieving 100 throws and catches!

As part of the attempt, the cutting action of the saws will be demonstrated. The saws will be running with the chains spinning at the time of the record attempt.

Although a location for the record attempt has not been confirmed, it is hoped that it can be presented live on television.

Aside from his daredevil juggling, Ian Stewart makes his living as a stage hypnotist presenting entertainment to corporate groups throughout the country. In the past, his antics have lead to appearances on such programs as The Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.


Watch Ian Stewart's existing Guinness World Record
of 94 throws and catches!